Prof. Seyed Mahdi Rezayat

Prof . of Pharmacology & Toxicology 

Dr.  Seyyed Mehdi Rezayat is a professor and a faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences .He has been appointed as the Chancellor of the Islamic Azad university-Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch since 2007 till present . His scientific degrees include Pharm. D. and PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

The tremendous development of  IAUPS  is the result of his great efforts in the past 7 years .This branch  offers 35 different PhD , MCs and BS programs which makes this branch  to be considered a developing branch  regarding education ,technology and research .

He had several obligations regarding research, education and management of educational departments such as Pharmacology, Medical Nanotechnology at, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He is a member of the university council, a member of the board of trustees of nanotechnology research center,   Chairman of the Iran NanoHealth Committee, the secretary boarder of medical Nanotechnology of health administration.

He is the chairman of the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health sciences.   

His publications exceeds 50 articles ,he was the consultant of more than 100 proposals in the fields of PhD and MSc and Pharm D , medicine ,dentistry, nanotechnology and biotechnology .medicinal chemistry ,toxicology and technological management .

He is the author of more than 50 internationally accredited articles (ISI) and 3 US patents was registered in his name and he cooperated in many important pharmaceutical projects. 

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