Missions & Visions

Vision  of the University
Leading national and regional higher education
Having  impact on society through the education of the new generation managers and transformative specialists 
Mission of the University
IAUPS not only focuses on educational, research and technological aspects but also pays special attention to social and cultural aspects in line with the policies of Islamic Azad University.
The greatest aspiration of this university is enhancing science and cultivating graduate and professionals considerate of the morality and Islamic values and human virtues. 
This university offers necessary training for students to obtain the acquired skills, knowledge and attitude with BS,MS, pharm. D ,PhD programs .
This University is bound to design different ways and developing the training programs and providing various services using the latest technology and advanced educational systems and cooperation with the reputed universities to cope with the new and emerging necessities due to   the dramatic changes in the fields of science, culture, technology, economic s, and society.
This university  for its national social responsibility , is bound to provide educational, research and general services with high quality standards and believes this is only possible by attracting and keeping   genius professors and  enhancing the skills of the corresponding managers and employees with the hardware utilities and appropriate concurrent planning.

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